03 October 2006

Aw Sweet Moses

I am really fucking horny. Like the kind of horny that jerking off just doesn't fix.

The kind where you just need cock in pussy.

Hard and fast.

With hands twisting and pinching your nipples.

With your hands in bindings above your head that you struggle against as you cum over and over again.

Then you get turned over and fucked some more, your hands retied behind your back

And then the whips and paddles come out.

And you get beat so good you're begging for more.

You're pussy drips from the beating you need to cum more.

So fingers enter you, one at a time until you're totally filled. The hand moves gently inside you and soon you feel your pussy spasm around it. You groan loudly once it leaves you.

And, maybe, that could be enough.

Take notes, Jefferson. Copious notes.

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