12 September 2006

Runner's High

I did a lot of running in high school. For lacrosse, dieting purposes, cross country, and cause it was just plain fun. I loved it. I could go 5-6 miles and still feel like I had energy for more.

Until I come down from the high and crash in bed 4 hours later.

I'm like that with drugs, and I'm like that with sex too.

I don't really like to do drugs because I hate the comedown.

And, sometimes I feel like that with sex too; except I love the high of sex too much.

But it's not just sex. It's when I'm with Jefferson.

I'm always rediculously happy to be with him. It's a little sickening really, lol. And it doesn't matter if it's just him and me or it's a full blown orgy. I'm always high as a kite really from the time I leave my house to when I leave his place.

But then I crash. I get sad and lonely and depressed for as little as a few hours to even a couple of days.

It kinda sucks. I like to do what I can to avoid depression, but I'm not going to give up being happy to avoid some temporary blues.

I guess I just want people's opinion on this. Is this stupid? Is it weird? Is it bad? Does this happen to any of you? Can it be fixed?

Please leave comments, or even just e-mail me!

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Kyma said...

Sometimes it happens to me, that I get miserable or depressed. It tends to occur for me when I'm drained, dehydrated. It's happening a fair bit to me at the moment because I'm exercising quite a bit and on a diet to compound things.

I know what's causing it for me and that's half the battle, the rest of it is just steeling myself for what's to come because I can feel the depression as it starts. It helps to be stubborn sometimes, to not give in.

Drugs not cool, but each to their own... Just stick to sex and running and daisy chain the good things, for the endorphin rushes. I love it when I have an endorphin rush, staving away the mediocrity and pressures of my life as it stands at the moment.

Don't Wake The Kids said...

Sweetie, it's perfectly normal. I get like that after really intense sex, especially if there's a highly charged emotional component involved, like you've got going on with Jefferson. Just lean on your friends as much as you can to get through it...everything from talking it through to just having someone else babble at your meaninglessly about their day can help a bit.