14 September 2006

I'm Totally Blogging This!

"Hey look! We were just talking about that show!" I said pointing to a messenger bag sitting in a trash can that was obviously a TV studio gift.
"You know, I often see ladies walking around carrying tosters or something from the tapings," Jefferson told me.
"Why would they just throw it out?"
"I don't know. It looks nice though. You need a bag?"
"No, and it's in the garbage!"
"I could always use a bag for something or other," he said, picking it up and examining it.
"Yeah, to carry your sex toys and condoms!"
"You're seriously taking it!"
"It was only sitting on the top..." he reasoned.
"I'm totally blogging this!"
"But you can't!"
"Oh, I can."

And I did.


Jefferson said...

I'll never be ashamed of judicious dumpster diving. It's fine bag.

Now, if I can just forgage the shoes to match.

Avah said...

Yes baby it is a fine bag. But I won't dare be seen with you in publif if you have matching shoes! Not to that TV show!