19 September 2006


So I went to the market last night and decided to treat myself to a nice piece of steak for tonight.

After class tonight, I came home and turned on the broiler and prepared my steak. I had no spices so I just rubbed it with olive oil. Perhaps my big mistake.

I popped some premade mashed potatoes in the microwave and started cleaning a dish in the sink. As I was washing, I heard cracking coming from the stove and saw flames coming through the burners!!

I dropped my dish and dried my hands and quickly turned off the stove. I opened the door to check it and flames shot up. I freaked and ran for the fire extinguisher, screaming to my roommates the kitchen was on fire.

I struggled with the pin and hose and freaked, but eventually got it.

I gave a quick squirt in the sink, since I had never used one before, and got one of my roommates to open the oven door as I blasted it.

The apartment was filled with smoke and fire extinguisher exhaust and the 4 of us worked hard to fan it out the window with pillows.

I choked and coughed from the smoke and stuck my head out the window to get fresh air.

One roommate called the RA who then called the cops, and the 4 of us made our way outside to get away from the smoke.

Police cars came blaring down the street and into the apartment complex and policemen ran upstairs with fire extinguishers.

Soon followed THREE fire trucks barreling down the road with their sirens and went inside to investigate.

We gave our names and information to the police and fire department and told the story to all the important people that asked.

I learned that the fire probably would have gone out on it's own once I turned the broiler out, but I did a good job even so. Yay.

I was sooooo mortified though. I kept apologizing to my roommates and I almost cried when everyone from all the other apartments came out to watch us!

And it was really scary too!! I'd never put out a fire before and I was shaking!!

Oh it was so awful!

And of course my steak got ruined. :-( And meat's expensive!! That was such a treat!


I'm still hungry too.

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Lizzie said...

!!! The same thing happened to me the night before last, only it was chicken... and instead of using the fire extinguisher, my roommate and I sat there for like 5 minutes and BLEW the fire out while our other roommate opened all the doors and windows and fanned the smoke detector so it wouldnt go off.. it went off anyway, and we got a nice crowd watching us too.. kinda embarassing, I agree.