19 September 2006

I Said More, Damn It.

“You have to do your blog round-up,” I reminded Jefferson the next morning after we had woken up and had our morning fucking.
“You’re right, I should get on that.”

We rolled out of bed and Jefferson set me up on his laptop as he settled in at his desk.

The next several hours were spent with us in front of the computers (though breaking for breakfast at my insistence) as Jefferson’s round up wasn’t going as quickly.

I tried my best to not bother him too much.

Meg came at some point in the afternoon after spending the night at a friend’s in Brooklyn. Apparently it was pretty disgusting, so she headed straight into the shower without saying a word.

When she was grime free, she joined me on the couch and we chatted and got to know each other better over the next few hours as Jefferson continued to work on his round up and also do some laundry.

Some people were coming over that night to see Meg since she’s in town so infrequently, including Emma, Jake, and a girl from Canada that Jake knew.

Emma was first, coming from work and soon Jefferson was cooking up some pasta for the 4 of us. Then the 5 of us when Jake arrived.

This was my first time meeting Jake, and I really hadn’t remembered him really from Jefferson’s blog. But damn, he was cute. And funny. Good combination.

Soon Kiesa arrived straight from Canada.

Can you imagine driving 12 hours for one night of sex!?

Dinner cleared and so did the people.

“Where did everyone go?” I said as Meg and I sat on the couch. “Are we missing sex?”
“I think so.”

We walked into Jefferson’s bedroom to find him and Emma already naked and fucking.

“We were just sitting out there wondering where everyone went and not realizing we were missing sex!” I said as Meg and I took seats to watch.

They decided on a break pretty quickly though after we had entered.

“No need to stop on our account!” I insisted.
“Eh, we need a little break,” Jefferson said.
“Hey, why are they dressed?” Emma questioned.

Emma went over to Meg and stripped her before bringing her to the bed. Jefferson came to me and lifted my shirt over my head.

“That’s better,” he said.

He laid on the bed and watched as Emma slipped into her strap-on. Once all secured, she pulled Meg to the end of the bed and slid into her.

I moved to the bed and climbed on Jefferson and kissed him as I listened to the sounds of Meg’s groans.

“I’m going to fuck you now,” Jefferson informed me as we struggled to change positions. With him finally on top, he grabbed a condom and started fucking me.

My eyes traveled back and forth between him and Meg and Emma.
Jefferson fucked me hard, my legs up over his shoulders, his hands grabbing at my breasts. My body shook and I groaned loudly as I came.

Jefferson slowed down his pace as I caught my breath and Jake and Kiesa came in.

"I think you should fuck Kiesa now," Jefferson suggested.
"Sure!" I said getting up to put in my strap-on.

Jefferson striped Kiesa of her shirt and panties and laid her on the bed. I rolled on a condom and had her scoot to the end of the bed.

"If I were a boy, I could do that myself," I laughed.

I was about to fuck her when she stopped me a moment.

"Wait, can I just get everyone's names first?"


"That's Meg, and I'm Emma," she said, still fucking Meg.
"I'm Avah."
"I'm Jefferson. I live here."
"Nice to meet you all. Ok, you can go ahead now."

I pushed Kiesa's legs back and pushed into her.

As I fucked her, I heard Emma next to me shudder and moan as she came.

"Emma, it's so hot watching you cum from fucking Meg," Jefferson commented.

She smiled and returned to fucking Meg after she recovered.

Jefferson leaned into Kiesa and sucked on her breasts.

Jake climbed on the bed and fed Meg his cock and Jefferson followed suit.

"And you thought we needed to invite another guy," I said, teasing Jake about a comment he had made earlier.

I watched Emma more closely as she came again, her hips jerking into Meg, her head thrown back and groaning softly.

"Shit, it really is hot when you cum."
"Thanks, it's pretty hot for me too," she laughed.
"Look out, I want to fuck her now," Jefferson said to me.
"Um, sure." I agree pulling out.

Jefferson grabbed her and pulled her to the corner. I pulled off my strap-on and joined Jake on the bed after he motioned for me to join him.

I leaned over him as we kissed and I soon made my way down to his cock. And have I mentioned very, very large cock?

He moaned praises as I worked my mouth up and down his cock.

After spending a little while concentrating on his cock, Jake grabbed a condom and switched me to being underneath me. I groaned as he entered me, stretching me. I drew in my knees as he fucked me hard making me grunt with each thrust. It didn't take long before he made me cum.

He withdrew as I caught my breath and sat in a chair to watch.

Soon both Jefferson and Emma withdrew from their partners to take a break.

Jake and Kiesa went off to get some carbs while Jefferson and I sat together and watched Emma deliver a beating to Meg.

I curled up in a chair with Jefferson and sat mesmerized as Emma beat on Meg’s ass. After a while, I whispered to Jefferson, “We have such different styles when giving beatings.”
“Very true,” he replied.
“Emma puts her whole body into it!”
“Are you talking about me?” she asked.
“I was just commenting on the difference in our styles in giving beatings.”
“Wait, you beat people up? You really switch?” Meg interjected.
“Yeah, sure do.”
“Would you do some?”
“Well, if it’s ok with Emma.”
“Yeah, I’ve been doing this for awhile, I’m pretty tired.”

Meg’s ass was very tender from Emma’s flogging and caning so I concentrated mainly on her back and thighs. She groaned loudly as the leather strips made contact with her skin.

I covered her back and it turned bright red in response.

I struck the backs of her thighs and calves. She picked her feet up after a blow and I instinctively brought my flogger down on the bottoms of them, surprising myself!

Meg moved to her side once she had had enough and settles in at the top as I kneel at the bottom ready for my beating from Jefferson.

I knelt on my hands and knees waiting for Jefferson to start. He came over and grabbed my hair, pushing my face into the mattress. His hand runs over my back and ass, dipping two fingers into my pussy. He pumped them hard, hitting my g-spot until I came hard.

He stepped away a moment and I heard him digging in the toy box. He got out the vibrating eggs and put one in my ass and one in my pussy and following with someone else in my pussy, but I never saw what. I moaned from the vibrations deep inside me and being so full.

With everything in place, Jefferson starts spanking me, and it hurts right from the beginning.

And not in the good hurt kind of way.

And I think perhaps I can’t really switch from being domme to sub in the same night.

But I didn’t want to wuss out so quickly and figured I’d soon find subspace.

After a quick warm up with his hand, Jefferson moved straight to the slapper and I jerked underneath it’s blows as the pain rips through me. I tried to absorb it and slip away, but it wasn’t happening for me.

He grabbed some clothes pins and tried to place them on my back, but couldn’t get any skin so he placed one on my ear.

Then he pinched the skin over my shoulder blades and slapped my back with his hand and the slapper, hard, knocking the breath out of me.

I tried focusing on the pain, exhaling on contact, but still no sight of subspace.

My body, actually feeling the pain, starts shaking and dry sobs crept up into my throat.

I for some reason started remembering how hurt and angry I had been with Jefferson a few days before and quieted my moans in response.

All of the sudden Jefferson took my dildo and pushed it into my ass.

“This is what you fed that boy last night,” he said as he resumed the beating.

I groaned at the insertion of it, feeling so full. It fell out quickly as my ass clenched from the hard strokes from the slapper and cane.

He stopped abruptly, but I didn’t want him to finish yet.

I was still furious.

Jefferson turned me over and took me in his arms. I was still shaking and crying tearless cries.

I opened my eyes to look around, but quickly shut them, being sensitive to the light. He kissed me softly, but I didn’t respond.

“I want more.”

I saw him look at me and think about it for a second. He went and grabbed a condom instead, and I sighed inwardly. He pushed into my lifeless form and I saw Meg and Emma leave.

I couldn’t even imagine what they were thinking was happening.

I kept my head turned to the side as he gently fucked me. I couldn’t look at him. I didn’t want him kissing me. Or fucking me. I wanted him to keep beating me.

He turned my face up and kissed my lips, but I didn’t kiss back.

"Are you Ok?" he asked me.
I nodded my head, lying. "I want more."
"More what?"
"You can't take any more."
"Yes I can."
"No you can't."
"How would you know?" I said defiantly.

He withdrew from me and I turned back around and waited. I took most of it silently.

Except for when he hit a sensitve spot with the flogger. I jumped and cursed.

“Agh! Fuck you!” I spewed.

He switched from the flogger back to the cane and I was still and quiet as he struck it down on my quite torn up ass.

“Why aren’t you making more noise?” he asked me.

I let Jefferson keep going until I reached my threshold and gotten past my anger. I laid on my stomach, signaling “Uncle.”

He came on the bed next to me and I snuggled into his chest, needing to feel his touch again.

I hobbled around for the rest of the night before finally getting to bed around 3.

Sleep wasn’t easy as I could not put any sort of pressure on my ass and I woke early around 6, not being able to get back to sleep.

I busied myself while Meg and Jefferson slept with writing a blog entry, talking with Emma, showering, getting some groceries for breakfast and straightening up around the place.

After breakfast/lunch with Meg and Jefferson, I made my way home and settled in on the couch, absolutely exhausted, only to be drawn into a 2 day long fight with my best-friend.


Luckily, everything eventually got resolved, but not before draining the last of my energy reserves.

I built my energy back up before seeing Jefferson the next week again sunning myself at the beach and getting my fill before heading off to Tennessee.


Anonymous said...

The Beta design is bad enough, but the 3 column layout really takes away from the visual layout and takes away attention from your posts. It's deeply unattractive.

Avah said...

Well perhaps instead of criticizing something I know I need to fix, you could help with a better code or even a better layout!

Lizzie said...

I've been lurking here for a little while, and I just wanted to say I really enjoy your writing :) And I really like the pink-on-black :)
- Lizzie

Anonymous said...

I have to agree...i preferred the earlier version.

Avah said...

Thanks Lizzie for the comment! I'm glad someone finally likes my layout!! Lol, and I'm really glad you enjoy my writing too.

I hope you'll keep coming back!