03 August 2006

Hottest Female Artist

Why don't they have this category at the Grammy's??

Mmm...Nelly Furtado!! Jefferson and I were contemplating back in May how hot it'd be to be have a foresome with Nelly Furtado and Kevin Spacey (spurred from them both being on the season finale of SNL).


la petite dévergondée said...

What the hell happened to Nelly Fertado???? Im not much of a celebrity watcher because frankly I have better things to occupy my mind with.

But I turned on FUSE the other day and her new video was on. Ok, didnt she use to sing folk music like Jewel sort of? Now shes all ghetto-bitch AND shes had soooooo much plastic surgery...ack.

So what the hell? lol

-la petite

ella said...

Did you hear that Nelly Furtado is bi? She was intereviewed in a gay magazine saying so...so perhaps you're one step closer to the threesome :)

(I actually don't have much more to do than occupy my mind with celebrity gossip, lol)

Avah said...

-la petite, I'm not sure about the plastic surgery thing, I also don't pay a whole lot of attention to cebrity happenings, but her music has seemed to change from the folky kind, you're right. Though I haven't heard her whole new CD, so maybe it's only a few songs. And I gotta say, as much as I did like her old style, I really love this new stuff too.

Ella- If she's bi, than that's very good news for me! It gives me an extra edge if I ever meet her! Woohoo!