28 July 2006

A new post is coming soon- I promise!

Say the first thing that comes to mind…
Doll- dress
Oyster- shell
Dog- collar
Telephone- line
Red toenail- pedicure

Have you ever.....
Gotten stuck in an elevator? Yes, but only briefly each time
Egged a person? God- never!
Stalked someone to find out where they work or live? No
Spent an entire day in nothing but your underwear? OMG All the time!
Read some friends mail or other personal papers without them knowing? Yes
Gone skinny dipping? Yeah
Been in a fist or cat fight? Almost...

Time you tripped? Don't remember
Time you cleaned up the base of your toilet? Um, too long I guess
Gum you had? Orbit in the Green box
Pair of socks? they were white
Beverage you had? Iced tea
Spur of the moment decision you made? Um, I dunno- something I bought I'm sure
Movie you watched? Devil Wears Prada

What would you.....
Say if your best friend told you they love you ? (male or female) If I felt the same way, I'd say it back

Right now.....
What are you wearing? Nada ;-)
What are you thinking? That I should be getting over to the beach soon
What are you listening to? Watching VH1 TV about gameshows
What would you like to be listening to? the ocean
Are you annoyed by the length of this survey? No
Are you tired? No
How many people in the room? Just me and my pussy. My cat people!
Any cuts or bruises on your body? No, no open wounds
Are there any animals in the room? Yes- my kitty Lucy
Are you eating anything? No.
People who I would like to do this? Everyone!!!


Edtime Stories said...

loved these posts
always revealing ;)

Avah said...

Thanks! I'm glad you like! Well if my readers don't mind these so much then I guess I won't stop! Cause they're kinda fun!