17 July 2006

A Lesson in the Fine Art of Whipping

I feel very light headed and very hungry from not eating since that morning. Combine that with all the fucking and cumming I was doing and you have a girl in some serious need of some sustanence!

"I need a sandwhich!" I say aloud as I pull myself off the bed and throw on my boxer shorts and tank top, clearing the room as most everyone else did. The crowd scatters taking smoking, bathroom, and drinking breaks. I head to the kitchen and rummage through Jefferson's cabinets in search of peanut butter and jelly. I assemble my sandwhich, pour myself a glass of milk and listen quietly to the conversation in the livingroom. Filthy Gorgeous comes on the stereo at one poing, and it's the first time I'm hearing the song, but I love it immediately.

"Oh my God, this song is awesome! Who sings it?" I ask Mitzi.
"Scissor Sisters" she replies.
"I love it! You can't help but dance to it!" I say dancing in my seat.
"How was your sandwhich?" Jared asks me.
"Mmm, really good. Totally hit the spot. I'm trying to decide if I'm still hungry."
"I might have to make one for myself. Can I make you one too?"
"Hmm...I think half would be good actually."
"Sure thing."
"Thank you!"
I take a quick trip to the bathroom and when I come out Jared hands me a half a PB&J. After I finish, I step out on the terrace to see what everyone else is up to.

Mitzi's smoking a cigarette standing next to Viviane, Meg is sitting, sipping her drink, and Jefferson's seated in the corner with Emma in his lap. He smiles at me when he sees me appear.

"I finished your milk."
"That's Ok."
"I needed it to go with my peanut butter and jelly sandwhich."
"Was it good?"
"Would you refill my bourbon, please." he says handing me his glass.
I smile and take it from him.
"Three fingers, two cubes" he tells me. Duh.
"Yes, Jefferson."

I don' t know why, but it feels really good that he asked me to get his drink. Makes me feel a little bit submissive I guess. I go into the kitchen and pop two ice cubes out of the tray and drop them into his glass. I pour the burbon until it's three fingers high and return it to him.

Jared finds me on the terrace.
"Do you want to go back to the bedroom?" he asks me.
"Sure" I say following him.
Feet tred behind us as the rest of the crowd gets similar ideas.

I undress and lie on the bed; Jared following suit. W're laying width wise across the bed with Mark and Meg next to us. Jared and I kiss and soon he's hard and I'm wet. He slips a condom on and since he's on the longer side, I warn him "not too deep."

My head leans back and I smile at Jefferson seated behind me.

Jared grabs my hips for leverage as he pushed into me. My back arches and my pelvis moves with his. I pull it back though every once in a while when he gets too close to being too deep. Soon I feel my muscles tense up signaling the the nearing orgams. I lift my hips off the bed as his pelvis rocks against my clit and I grab him tight as my body shudders.

As my breathing returns to normal, he asks, "Should I stop?"
"No, just go slow like this."
"Cool. I like going slow like this. It's nice, and intimate."

I cringe on the inside. Well we all know how I am about intimacy. But I also think he may have an incy bit of a crush on me. And while I think he's very nice and certainly attractive, there isn't much beyond a sexual attraction for me.

After a few minutes we pick up the pace again until Jared cums. He pulls out and I'm done. My pussy is going to bed for the night.

My ass on the other hand is just aching for a beating. Yours is too, Meg? Great! Let's do it together then!

The bed is cleared save for Meg and me as we lay face down side by side. Our hands find one another up by our heads and grab hold as Jefferson gets out his arsenal.

He starts on both of us with just his hand to warm us up. The rest of the night blurs into a hazy memory as I quickly slip into subspace I love fucking in front of other people, but I love even more being beat for an audience. Jefferson stands behind us, and out of my peripheral vision. Since I can't really see him at all, I can't know which one of us is going to on the recieving end of his blow. This makes my skin tingle and heightens my sense of anticipation. He doesn't seem to follow any sor of pattern either so it's impossible to tell where the strap will land.

OMG I love it.

When the cat lands on my skin, my hand squeezes Meg's. When it hits her, I flinch myself, feeling for her.

As Jefferson works his implements on us, Mark takes one of the tealights from a shelf and drips it over our backing making us moan and yelp. Viviane is taunting that Meg can take it harder as she runs the crop over her skin.

"Avah, would you mind if I teach Jeared to beat you?" Jefferson asks me.
"Not at all!"
Jefferson hands Jared a smaller, easier to handle whip and gives him Anatomy 101: avoid the kidneys, spine and don't let the whip wrap on the sides.
"And every so often check in with the person to make sure everything's OK"
Jared starts under Jefferson's watchful eye, only having his aim corrected once or twice. Emma takes over on Meg.

Jared's hits have a good amount of force. Lighter than Jefferson's but harder than Mitzi or Emma. Jefferson sits my by head brushing his hands over my hair and Jared strikes at a nice easy pace. They both check in with me often and each time I ask for more. It only stops once Jared gets tired.

"Jefferson, could I have some of the can please?" Meg asks.
"Of course. Avah, would you like it too?"
"Yes please."

My night finishes with several strokes from the cane, each making me yelp and jump. Oh I do hope there will be some marks. Hehehe.

Too exhausted to move, I just chill at the end of the bed and watch as Meg and Jefferson and Mark and Viviane fuck.

Soon Mitzi kisses me good boy as she has to get home and the rest of the crowd follows soon after. Meg and I are the only ones left in bed. Jeffers goes around the apartment turning off lights abd blowing out candles before climbing into bed with us.

I'm contentedly snuggled in the middle. But soon Meg leaves and goes to sleep in the other room. Jefferson is already out and doesn't notice. I feel guilty that I'm taking her place in his bed. I struggle with whether or not I should tell her to go back with Jefferson, but my selfishness for wanting to sleep next to him gets the better of me.

Jefferson and I wake around 9:30 the next morning since I have to be at work downtown at 11 and I need to shower before I go. Well of course we have to fuck a little before I go. I find my first orgasm in the first half hour, and get a second soon after.

"You're going to be late for work" Jefferson says noticing it's already 10:30.
"Yeah, I know. But I wanna keep fucking."

So we do. And soon Jefferson grabs me tight and mumbles quickly "I'm gonna cum" before grunting and thrusting further into me.

I do just love when he cum, but it happens so infrequently unfortunately for me.

We eventually make our way out of bed at 11 and I hop in the shower before making my way to work (an hour late, and no one even notices) as just a breather before heading to Gabriel's that night.

Oh goody- more sex. I'm just gonna need a nap first...

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