01 July 2006

Doesn't anyone here want their ass licked??

"This is gonna blog so well," Mitzi says as she, Jefferson, and I lay in bed Tuesday morning after our impromptu gathering.

We had just woken up after only a few hours sleep, snug tight in Jefferson's bed; him pushed tight in the middle.

This certainly was not in the plans.

I had come Monday night to christen my strap-on and Jefferson had offered straight boy Donny for me. But due to some, uh, "personal" issues, he bailed.

So Monday when I got to Jefferson's around 6 and ring him to buzz me in, he asks me to hang at the bookstore for 45 mins or so. Not a problem.

Oy. It was only 3 blocks but I didn't wear the best walking shoes. I head back up, bypassing the bookstore and heading to one of my favorite jewelry stores I knew was in the area. I only browse through, too broke to buy anything. But there were a few things I certainly would have liked to have gotten.

Having only killed 25 minutes, I head over to the book store. I browse the sexuality section looking for any last minute tips on strap-on play in anticipation of the evening's events. Soon I check my watch and see it's closer to 7. Time to head back.

I walk back slowly because of my shoes and when I get to Jefferson's street I see him emerge on the terrace. I wave and smile at him. A second later Mitzi comes behind and I wave again to her.

Jefferson buzzes me in and I make my way up. I knock on the door, but no one answers so I let myself in and join Jefferson and Mitzi on the terrace. I kiss Jefferson hello and give Mitzi a hug hello.

"Sorry to make you wait, but Mitzi and I were putting on a show" Jefferson says, smiling coyly.
"Ooh- sounds fun!" I say grinning at Mitzi.
"But I have some bad news..." Jefferson interrupts.
"Donny had to cancel. He had some, um, "grooming" issues" he explained.
"Oh no! So what about my poor strap-on?"
"Well, Mitzi here has volunteered to help you pop your cherry."
"Really?" I ask her.
"Mmhmm" she says nodding and grinning.
"Ooh so much fun!"
"And I've invited some more people to come over, if you're ok with that" Jefferson adds.
"Pff- the more the merrier!"

Jefferson informs me of who he's invited for the night: Apollo and a co-worker of his, and this other guy he's been e-mailing with but never knew where to place. He's well hung, good looking, some tattoos, and seems real easy going.
"Tattoo guy."
"What's his name?" I ask.
"I forget. It's your job to get it and tell me when he gets here."

I leave Jefferson at his computer and help myself to a glass of water before joining Mitzi on the terrace. We chat for awhile, about this and that, growing up, school, life. Getting to know each other kind of stuff.

Jefferson joins us after awhile and informs us the guests should be arriving shortly. And as predicted, Apollo and his guest, Lashaundra arrive. Shortly after, Jefferson's phone rings and Tattoo guy has arrived and he gets buzzed in. He comes in and makes his greetings. When he gets to me, I'm sure to catch his name.

"I'm sorry, what was your name?" I ask while shaking his hand.
"Jack, hi." I say.

"His name is Jack" I whisper to Jefferson shortly after.
"I heard, thank you."

The six of us sit chatting in the living room sipping our drinks. Soon Apollo and Lashaundra decide to go make a trip to the liquor store.

"Should we get anything?" Apollo asks Jefferson.
"A bottle of red is always good. There's Canyon Roads which is good and inexpensive" he suggests.
"What's the name?"
"Canyon Roads."
"Ok, got it."

They head out the door and it's just the four of us. We chat some more, mostly it's Jack, philosophizing about the freeness of the sex we're all going to have soon. We should have been more clued in on his chattiness...

"Hey, why don't you model your strap-on for us?" someone suggests.
"Yeah? Ok!" I say grabbing the bag it's in and retreating to Jefferson's bedroom to put it on.

I strip down, wearing only my lacy camisole and step into the nylon straps, pulling them tight once it's in place. I adjust my cock- long and pale flesh colored, complete with balls.

I strut down the hall, cock in hand, and model my very own penis for everyone to see.

My crowd ooh's and ahh's.
"It's the same color as you" someone offers.
"And it's got balls and everything!"

In the middle of my show-and-tell, the door opens and Apollo and Lashaundra return, with another guy in tote.

Caught off guard, I move to hide my penis, but then become aware my ass is hanging all out there. I quickly shimmy off to the bedroom to cover myself back up. (But not with much as I'm itching to get this party started.)

Luckily Jefferson soon recommends we all move to the bedroom and get naked.

No one has to ask me twice. I'm ultra excited to be getting a chance to try out my new penis of my very own on Mitzi.

I think I was the first one naked.

Mitzi lays on the bed and I join next to her.

I'm acutely aware of the rest of the bodies in the room. The rustling of clothes and zip of zippers echo in my ears as everyone else begins to disrobe.

I'm trying to hide my nervousness. I've only been with a woman on two other occasions, and never in a "top" sort of role. And never with an audience.

Luckily, Mitzi leans in first to kiss me. Her soft, delicate lips pressed against mine as our tongues dance. Her fingers find my nipples and gently squeeze them making me moan.

We make out for a bit and I thoroughly enjoy the girl affection.

My mouth soon finds her nipples and she moans as I suck on them. My lips move further south, kissing down her stomach until my tongue finds her clit. Her hips buck a little and she moans louder as I suck it in my mouth.

My hands caress Mitzi, skimming over her stomach, down to her thighs, my arms wrapping around them. My tongue laps at her pussy, flicking over her clit. I feel her body jump and squirm under me. My own excitement grows with hers- her jolts making me tingle, her moans making me more wet.

She looks down at me at one point and says, "Emma was right, you do give good head."

I beam and keep lapping away.

"You know... you gotta tell her to stop" Jefferson informs Mitzi.
"It's true. I'll just keep going and going" I agree.
"Well, how 'bout you fuck me now then" Mitzi suggests.
"Mmmkay!" I nod enthusiastically.

I climb off the bed and step into my harness, pulling the straps tight on my hips and thighs.

"Could you hand me a condom please?" I ask Jefferson since he's closest to them.
He hands me a Durex Love one and I rip it open and roll it down my cock.

My cock.

I kneel back on the bed, in between Mitzi's spread legs, and scoot as close as possible until the tip of my cock is right outside her pussy. I lean over her, one hand by her head, one hand on my cock, and I gently push in. She moans as the length of me fills her.

God, I wish I could feel this.

When I see all of me enter Mitzi, I start pulling back out. I try this in/out motion a few times, it being brand new to me. I wonder if this is how a virgin boy feels? Once I feel comfortable with my thrust and rhythm, I remove my hand from my cock and brace myself above Mitzi.

My eyes wander from Mitzi for a moment to the rest of the guys in the room. Jefferson has joined us on the bed for front row access. Jack was behind me, and Apollo, in and out of the room, would stand by my side. I smile at Jefferson, happy he has lovers that become mine. I take mental note of the look on his face, as on Jack's as well. Their faces look totally mesmerized. It was like it was the first time they've seen anything like it, and God it was the hottest thing they've ever been witness too.

I focused my attentions back on my lover. I leaned in closer to her, and she met me half way, our lips meeting. I love the sounds she makes, and I'm really enjoying the sight of her as I thrust into her.

"I can see why Jefferson likes fucking you so much" I comment.

I feel the bed move as Jack sits on the bed to get a closer view.

Then he starts talking. Or narrating, really.
"Look how hot that is. Mitzi, it's so hot how Avah's fucking you."
"You do fuck just like a boy. You got the whole down and in motion down pat" Jefferson adds.
"Yeah, it's really so hot. You've really never done this before? But this is the hottest thing. Listen to her moaning!"
"And listen to her, with the breathing and panting" Jefferson says about me.
"Everybody shut up!" Mitzi growls.

I laugh, and try to return my focus to Mitzi, trying not to be conscious of how I'm moving or breathing. I'm totally loving this though. I could do it forever. I almost feel it's a shame I wasn't born with a penis because it almost feels I was born to fuck.

But then again, Jefferson might testify I was born to be fucked.

But thankfully because of modern day toys, I don't have to choose.

I lean in close to Mitzi and fuck her a little bit faster. And a little bit faster. Her breathing is quickening and she's moaning louder. I fuck her a little bit harder, my attention totally on her.
The moment comes when I feel her pull me closer and shudder underneath me. I kiss her deep before slowing down then pulling out.

I stand up and pull the condom off, but it breaks. That could have really hurt if I could have felt it! I move to pull the rest off, but I'm being pulled and tugged at to get back on the bed.

It's my turn to get fucked now.

I loosen the straps on my harness and let it just fall to the floor.

I climb over Mitzi and lay down on the bed next to her.

"It's time for the Domme to be the sub now" Jefferson says as he ties my wrists with rope attached to the bed.
"I guess you need to put me back in my place, huh?"
"Yes, now suck my cock" he says once he finishes.

Jefferson straddles my head and feeds me his cock. My mouth readily accepts it, swirling my tongue around the tip before he pushes it in further. His cock hits the back of my throat, gagging me. He pulls out, letting me catch a quick breath of air before pushing back in. My throat relaxes with each thrust, allowing him deeper access each time. Eventually Jefferson relents, fatigue setting in perhaps.

Before I can even catch my breath Jack moves in between my legs sucking my clit in his mouth. I buck and moan as he sucks on and flicks at my clit. I feel my orgasm nearing as my breathing gets shallow, or even stopping, as I pull for the elusive first O of the night.

As Jack eats away, Jefferson asks "Can you cum for him baby?"
"I can try."
"Do you need to finger your clit?"
"No, his tongue's already doing it for me."

I push my hips up and closer to Jack's face as his tongue works faster. Within moments I jerk, the orgasm ripping through me.

As I lay panting, I hear as Jack rips open a condom, and I watch him roll it on. Gosh he's kinda big. And is that a piercing?

He takes my legs, pushing them back, and thrusts into me. I moan loudly, being stretched and filled quickly. He passes over the long, slow strokes, for the fast, deep ones.

"I like to fuck a girl real fast like this...then slowing down and fucking her deep like this..." he says taking a long stroke and pushing all the way in with some force...."fast like this..." he says going fast again..."then deep again" (yeah, we get it!) he says pushing very, very hard into me, causing great pain in my cervix.

I cry out "Too deep! Too deep!"
"What do you mean too deep?" Jefferson asks with an authoritative tone.
I just glare at him. If he had a cervix, he wouldn't be talking.

After a good, hard fucking Jack pulls out. As I'm laying there, catching my breath and resting, I notice some conspiring going on between Jefferson and Mitzi. She leaves the bed and I watch as she gets a rubber glove from the cabinet.

Uh oh.

"Qu'est-ce qu'elle fait?" I ask. (Sometimes foreign languages take over...)
"What?" Jefferson asks.
"What's she doing?" I repeat in English, nervously.
"Mitzi's going to fist you now."
"Fisty McFisterson" she corrects him.
"Oh." Still nervous.
"Are you Ok with that?"
"I guess so, I've never been fisted before."
"Well, I'll be gentle" Mitzi reassures me.

I take deep breaths, concentrating on just relaxing as I watch Mitzi liberally apply lube to her gloved hand and my pussy. She starts with just one finger, quickly adding a second. I close my eyes and lay my head back allowing myself to blindly experience the new sensation about to come. I let out deep, guttural moans as she fucks me with just the 2 fingers, rubbing against my g-spot. I'm usually putty once anyone finds that.

I feel her slip in a third finger and I moan just a bit louder. Once I've groan accustomed to that, a 4th finger is added.

Jefferson checks in with me here: "How you doing?"
"Good" I nod my head. Very good.

She fucks me like this for a bit. My body gets more and more used to be stretched so and I start moaning and groaning louder, my hips lifting to meet her gentle thrusts.

"I'm going to add my thumb now" she advises me.
I nod yes- a 'go ahead' signal.

I feel the opening of my pussy stretching allowing access for her thumb. Then I feel it stretching to allow access for the rest of her hand as she pushes into me. The new feeling of being this full and this stretched takes over my brain. It isn't painful per se, but really, it's just indescribable.

"Are you Ok?" Jefferson inquires with a concerned tone.
I nod my head emphatically.

Mitzi starts moving her fist gently inside me. My mind goes cloudy, taken over with this new sensation surging through my body. I feel Jefferson next to me, comforting me, but I don't need it. My body writhes and I moan, nay, scream in pleasure. Before I know what's happening I feel myself cumming, my pussy struggling to spasm around Mitzi's fist.

"Are you still Ok?"
I nod more slowly, my energy temporarily depleted.

Mitzi's hand stops moving and my body rests restoring my reserves.

"I'm going to start taking my hand out" she tells me.
"Ok" I respond, unknowingly.

She starts pulling slowly, and now it hurts! My body shakes as I cry out in pain.

OMG I'm never giving birth!

It seems to take an eternity before her hand finally leaves my pussy.

I'm laying there panting, my body splayed. After a few minutes my breathing returns to normal and my mind returns to regular consciousness.

"Baby, would you like a beating tonight?" Jefferson asks me.
"Mmm, yes please."
"Well turn yourself over then."

I struggle to move my weak and tired limbs, my arms still being restrained. But I manage to turn myself onto my stomach drawing my knees underneath me. My left hand binding loosens, but my right hand is held tight underneath me.

Jefferson stands behind me, ready to start my beating, but first inserts a butt plug into my ass. As soon as it's in, Jefferson's hand starts coming down against my ass cheeks, warming them up. He picks up his first piece of arsenal and I moan and grunt each time it lands against my skin. I feel the dampness forming on my skin as I float to the farthest depths of subspace.

After a bit he pauses and asks me, "Mind if Mitzi takes over for a bit?"
"No, not at all."
Mitzi takes over for Jefferson, and for the most part it's much lighter of a beating. It doesn't last terribly long though, because soon it's time for me to get fucked again.

I feel Jack behind me and he grabs my hips and pushes slowly into me. I cry out as he stretches me further in addition to my already stuffed ass. That fullness feeling clouds my brain for the second time that night. Jack fucks me until exhaustion finally sets in and I can take no more.

Jack withdraws from my pussy and Jefferson removes the butt plug and undoes my binding. I splay out on the bed, too exhausted to move.

We all relax on the bed talking about this and that. Jefferson's talking about something when he stops mid-sentence.

"Wh-what are you doing?!"
"You know that's been on there for the last 10 seconds or so" Mitzi says, pulling a clothes-pin off Jefferson's nipple. I stare in awe, knowing Jefferson's nipples are absurdly sensitive.

Gradually the room empties. Apollo has been in and out, and is back off with his guest, Mitzi's leaves for a smoke, and Jack vacates giving me and Jefferson a moment alone.

He takes me in his arms and gives me sweet, gentle kisses. I hold him close, over come with a strong sense of closeness from my submission that night.

I decide it's the right moment to tell him how I feel.

"Jefferson?" I say quietly.
"Yes baby?"
I take a deep breath..."I love you."
He pauses for a moment. "That's ok. You're allowed. And I love you too."

I didn't need to hear it back, but it was 1,000 times better that I did.

I hug him tight before we move out to the living room. Jack's dressed and is getting ready to leave. It's 2AM and he's got work tomorrow. I crash on the couch barely aware of what's going on. I sleep-walk to the table to chow on some turkey burgers Jefferson's cooked up.

I retire back to the couch and hear some talk of setting up some porn for one of Apollo's friends. The boy is at an orgy and prefers to jerk off to porn? Ummm…ok then....

Around 3AM it's very clear Jefferson, Mitzi, and I are all very ready for bed.

Jefferson manages to clear his bed and sends them to the other room on the futon.

He comes back to me on the couch, "Are you ready for bed baby?"
I look up at him with my half-closed, sleepy eyes and nod my head.
He takes my hand and leads me to my bed. Apollo follows us in the back room.
"Can I just lay next to you? I just want to be near someone" he pleads.
"Sure, but I'm going to sleep" I mumble.

Jefferson tucks me into bed before joining Mitzi in his room.
"Good night sweetheart."
"See you in the morning."

I snuggle into bed as Apollo climbs behind me. I'm absolutely exhausted so I'm hoping it will be easy to ignore the black man humping me and the moans and slurping coming from the next bed. Oy.

After only a few minutes Jefferson comes back in the room.
"Come here a minute baby" he calls to me.
"Excuse me" I say crawling over Apollo.

He leads me to his room and motions me towards the bed next to Mitzi.
"Huh?" I ask quizzically.
"You can sleep here tonight, we can't leave you in there."
"You're giving me your bed?"
"Yes baby."
"Where are you going to sleep?"
"Oh I'll be fine."
"Ooh sleep over!!" I squeal hugging Mitzi as we giggle.

Jefferson wishes us goodnight and retires to the couch pulling the door shut behind him.
Mitzi and I try to go to sleep, but keep getting interrupted by Apollo. First he's looking for porn. Then he's looking for some ass to lick. Or pussy. He's not picky.

"Doesn't anyone in here want their ass licked? Or what about your pussy? Come on, just 5 minutes..." he begs crawling over us.

Mitzi and I are trying our hardest to shoo him away, with no luck. It takes awhile, but Jefferson eventually hears our shouts of protest. He finally rids us of the horny man and climbs on the bed laying on us. He settles into the middle and after some rearranging and scrunching we all eventually find ourselves finally drifting off to sleep after 4.

I stir in the early morning light and hear Mitzi rustling under the sheets.
"Do you have enough room over there?"
I grab Jefferson and pull him off his back and onto his side, him never stirring.
I look over at the two of them next to me and think how awesome this is, the three of us close together like this.
I drift back off until I wake a couple more hours later to Jefferson and Mitzi kissing.

"Good morning guys" I smile.
"Good morning" Mitzi purrs.

I watch as Jefferson slips on a condom and starts to slowly fuck Mitzi.
"I dunno, gimme your thigh old man" she says after a few minutes.
They change position and she mounts his thigh. It's not long before she gives up. "I'm just not feeling it. Sorry." she shrugs.

Soon it's time for Mitzi to depart and walk and feed her pooch. She's out the door barely 5 minutes before Jefferson and I are fast asleep. We wake an hour or so later and fuck for a bit before deciding it's a good time for breakfast.

I'm going to make my scrumptious French toast for me, Jefferson, and Apollo, the only one left from last night. Jefferson makes a quick trip for a few groceries as I hop in the shower.

I slip on a pair of his PJs and set to cleaning the griddle from last night.

Jefferson returns and I tend to the French toast as he cooks up some sausage links.

The three of us have a nice breakfast and soon after Apollo makes his way out.

Jefferson and I retire to the couch for a few minutes to just relax.

"That was fun last night" I gush.
"It was."
"I really liked Mitzi."
"Good, I'm glad."
"Yeah, I really, really liked her."

Aww, my first girl crush.

Jefferson and I just hang around the apartment, neither of us having any immediate plans.
He works at his computer as I sit on the couch alternating between trying to nap and filling in some Sudoku puzzles I brought. Remembering the apartment is in a bit of disarray after the party, I opt to help out in the clean up and slip away to the bedroom to straighten up. I throw out the stray condoms and wrappers, put away the lubes, pile the spanking arsenal, and make the bed. I'm just finishing adjusting the pillows when Jefferson walks in.

"Whatchya doing?"
"Aww isn't that sweet? I have to kick you out soon, how bout I give you one more orgasm before you go?"
"Ok. Guess I shouldn't have made the bed."

We make love for a bit and I pretty quickly give up my orgasm to him.

I dress and gather my penis and other odds and ends, kissing Jefferson good bye after 4 days in a row together with him.

"Don't worry, I won't get used to it" I sigh.

I eventually make my way home and crash into my bed as soon as my head hits the pillow.

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Squinky said...

Man. That was awesome.

Avah said...

Thanks Squinky! I'm glad you enjoyed it! Hope you come back!

Oº°‘¨t®ãg‘°ºO said...

Wow. Thats all I can say.

ella said...

That sounds like my kind of party! That was fantastic.

Anonymous said...

ooh sexy. but babycakes you is giving off the needy vibes big time. I love you and needing to be kicked out? you done got some crying comin' in yo future if'n you don't smarten up. Guaran-fuckin-teed. Still. that was damn hot.

Steel & Sapphire said...

I always wonder how virgin boys feel. That's why I ask them after I fuck them. Problem is, because they are virgins they are terrible at explaining themselves.