15 July 2006


Memorial day weekend was over and in came the heat. Paired with the humidity. Oh the humidity!

Tuesday was hot and sticky, and I had to spend it in a stuffy room at a job where I made no money, fixing my computer that a new sub had toyed with the day before. And I was tired. After playing with the new sub boy, I drove all the way out to Rockaway at 10 PM to see Benjamin again.

All this does not make for a cheery Avah.

But tonight was orgy night. Guaranteed to cheer me up.

I get to Jefferson's around 8, still miffed I couldn't fix my computer even after trying for 5 hours at least. Jefferson opens the door and we kiss hello. He seats me in the living room as he and Mitzi are finishing up with a show. He tells me Meg and Emma are in the back if I want to say hi. I plop on the couch instead, still intent to fix my computer.

It isn't long before Jefferson emerges, escorting his voyeur out. After locking the door, he sits next to me on the couch and gives me a more proper kiss hello.

"I've missed you. It's been a whole week!" I exclaim.
"I've missed you too. Come say hi to the girls" he says leading me back. "Look who's here..."

There is Meg, laying on the twin bed, her legs up resting on Emma's shoulders, as she gets fucked by Emma and her strap-on.

"Hey Avah" they both chime.
"You're welcome to stay" Emma offers.
"Aww thanks, but I don't wanna distract."

I check back on my ailing computer, and still nada.
"I'm gonna kill that kid!"
"What happened?" Jefferson asks.
"He broke my computer. I can't connect to the internet wirelessly anymore and he says he didn't do anything to it."
"Well, I wish I could be of help. Jared's coming tonight and he knows computers a little I think."
"Awesome, I hope he does."

Mitzi and the other girls soon emerge from the bedrooms and we all gather on the terrace chatting.

I look around at the 4 of us. All 4 of us one man's lovers. All of us pretty much lovers with one another as well. It's certainly pretty crazy. But there's a certain beauty to it, I think. I take a moment to watch the three of them. I don't know them very well yet, but I watch them hoping I can keep up and add my own to their banter in due time.

As the night wares on, the rest of the guests slowly make their way up. Jared is one of the first to arrive and is able to quickly restore my wireless connection, prompting a big thank you kiss from me.

Mmm...Mark and Viviane arrive shortly after and the conversation portion of the evening commences.

Jefferson whips up some chicken salad sandwiches as most of us crowd in the hot, cramped kitchen drinking red wine and talking mostly about sex, of course. (You expect we discuss the migration pattern of penguins at sex parties?)

I mention to Jefferson that I had packed my strap-on that day, just in case, but I lament how I still haven't gotten to use it on a boy.

"How about Mark?"
"Mark's a bottom?" I ask excitedly, my eyes lighting up.
"Oh he's very versitile...Mark, would you mind if Avah fucked you tonight?"
"Not at all" he says smiling.

Oh he's so yummy! How exciting! I get to fuck my first boy, and damn I'm glad it's Mark!

"Everyone, I think it's time we move to the bedroom to watch Avah fuck Mark" Jefferson announces.

The crowd makes its way down the hall into the bedroom and spreads out around the bed. Mark undresses and lays on the bed as I, myself, disrobe and step into my harness. I'mve very nervous with everyone watching. Here I am about to fuck a boy for the first time, and with a man I had barely spoken two words to all night. I knew fucking a boy owuld be different than a girl. I'd have to be gentle and careful because I can't feel what's going on inside.

"We shouldn't be the only naked ones!" I say, feeling a little self-conscious.

The proud exhibitionist had finally found something that made her blush.

I sit on the bed next to Mark, adjusting the cock between my legs more comfortably. I'm just like a guy already. I'm unsure of how to start things, so I just lean in to kiss him to get things going. He's a good kisser and I start to relax more and more. Soon he's rock hard and ready to be fucked.

"How do you want to do it?" he asks me.
"On your knees is good to start, I think."

Mark turns onto his hands and knees, sticking his ass in the air for me. Jefferson hands me a condom and I unroll it down the length of my shaft. Next he squirts some lube in his hand and coats my cock with it as I spread some around Mark's opening. I position myself behind Mark, pushing his ass down lower to match the height of my pelvis.

I take my cock in my left hand, my right one against the small of his back, and begin to press in slowly. I try to sense his body's reaction by gauging the amount of resistance. Whenever I feel the least resistance, I press forward. Once I'm more than half way in I pause, letting his body adjust.

Once Mark gives the go ahead, I start pulling out and pushing back in very slowly. As his body begins to relax and I get my rhythym, my hands moved to his hips to get a better thrust. I feel everyone's eyes on us as I'm thrusting into him and he's moaning loudly into the bed. I feel my face flush and my senses sharpen as I sail on the high of doing the fucking for a change.

Soon he moves forward, pulling himself off my cock and turns onto his back and says to fuck him like this. I push back into him, this being a more awkward postion for me, and try to resume my pace. It isn't long though before he lets out a cry and cums, it spilling on his stomach.

I pull out, pleased I must have done a good job.

I dispose of my condom and rinse myself off after Mark before setting my cock aside for the night. Time for Avah to be a girl again.

"You were so good fucking Mark, but I'm gonna fuck you now" Jefferson says rolling on a condom and pulling me to the corner of the bed.
"Oh, we haven't done it here in awhile!"
"I know, that's why I picked it."

Jefferson takes my legs, pushing them back, and pushes himself slowly into me. My back arches and I moan loudly as he enters me for the first time that night. He leans in close to me, grabbing my face and pulling me into a kiss. Our tongues mesh together as our hips dance. He pulls back and grabs the inside of my thighs as he fucks me fast.

I feel the mattress shift as Meg and Emma climb on the bed. I watch them for a few moments before returning my attention back to Jefferson. It doesn't take long before my body achieves its first orgasm of the night. Jefferson slows down but doesn't stop. We kiss and he moves slowly inside me as my body recovers.

When he senses my body starting to build up to another orgasm, he start fucking me fast again. When I feel myself on the edge, I move my fingers to my flit and draw out an elusive orgasm that explodes through me. Jefferson pulls out and I move myself on the bed fully to recover. The night's only just begun; I need to keep up my energy!

As I take my little break, I watch as Emma gets into her strap-on and starts fucking Meg. I watch as Meg bucks and listen to her moan. Emma moans a bit herself from the strap between her legs rubbing against her clit, I suspect.

My eyes then move to the corner of the room, following the sounds of Mitzi's grunting. She's seated in one of the chairs with her legs up, as Jefferson fucks her. But my attentions are soon turned towards Mark as he joins me on the bed. He was kind enough to let me fuck him, it'd just be rude to not return the favor. ;-)

We start kissing and within a few minutes, he's reaching for a condom. He slips it on then pushes inside me, making me moan. I pull my legs closer to my chest providing him with deeper access. His cock rubs against my g-spot making me grunt and moan. I move my hips up to meet his thrusts, feeling the pressure building up inside me. My fingers find my clit again and I cum for the third time that night. Mark pulls out just after as I lay there catching my breath.

It's time for a break...but there's still more as the night's still young...


Emma said...

What can I say, I just love popping cherries.

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Horny Old Guy said...

WOW! That story gave me a big hard on and at my age that is definitely a GOOD thing! Cheers!