10 June 2006

Perhaps Someone's Feeling Generous Out There??

Well, it's a long shot...but if you haven't noticed, I posted 2 links to Wish Lists, the WishFish one containing most of what I oogle over in my online window shopping.

But- at the top of my list? The Pink Crystal Crop from Agent Provacateur (my muse and dream wardrobe!)

How sexy is that?! If you ask me, any young, glamourous Domme (comme moi) needs to have this!

If there's anyone out there who's feeling generous and frisky and wanting to purchase this (or anything from my wishlist) as a lovely gift, please do e-mail me at avahsascent@gmail.com for details!

Hey- a girl can dream, can't she? And there are only 167 more days until Christmas- why not start (and give!) early?? Lol.

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