07 June 2006

I'm in the mood for some shopping...

Author's note: See, before my blog, I wasn't getting any sex. Now maybe I'm getting too much (if there is such a thing!) because I can't keep up with writing it all! I know, I know, I'm like 3 weeks behind and so much happens that it's hard to catch up! Not to mention I'm not to disciplined about writing...but I just want to deliver the best stuff for my readers!

So Monday came around and Chore Boy was due again to finish his cleaning.

That's what I dubbed him. He never offered his name, and I didn't really care to ask.

He arrived promptly and cleaned just as fast. As I was inspecting the work, it became obvious what his motivation was.

He starts undoing my pants, and since he’s finished cleaning, I allow him to eat me out and make me cum.

(If you don’t reward your subs for good behavior, they get discouraged and act out to get your attention. They’re like children, really…)

He wants to fuck me now. He’ll do anything.
"Well, I’m in the mood for some shopping” I tell him.
“What did you need?”
“Sex toys”
I see him grow harder instantly.
“What kind of sex toys?”
“Well, I need some butt plugs, a dildo, harness, whips, crops, handcuffs, blindfold, gag…umm…anything else I see that appeals to me.”
“And will you use it on me?”
“Of course.”
“What will you do?” he asks while playing with himself.

I’m ready to go, but decide to indulge him.

“Well, I’ll handcuff your hands to the bed, fuck you with my strap on, and use my flogger on your ass after.”
“So you’d better save that for later” I say, indicating to the cock in his hand.
"Ok, I’m ready” I say, standing and pulling my pants up.

We get in the car and I direct him to the store. We walk in, and I start in the kinky section. It's minimal, but I make it work. I pull items off the shelf that interest me, hand it to my sub (and not even glancing at the price tag!).

I grab a crop, blindfold, and cuffs before examining the wall of dildos and harnesses. Having done my research, I knew I wanted a 4-strap one, not the thong kind. They have only one like that, but it's cute, with a little corset like thing in the back. Then I pick out a dildo for it. A nice big one. With balls.

Gotta love it!

Then I grab 2 butt plugs, a tiny, tiny one and a regular size one. I realize I also need handcuffs and search for them. My eye spots this nice glass dildo and I grab it, always enjoying the allure of glass pieces. I want a ball gag too, but don't like the one the store has.

Mid-shopping, the lady working there hands me a Femdom DVD saying we might be interested in it. I take it and thank her, laughing to myself about what this scene looks like.

Picture a dark, dingy sex shop and in walk a man and woman. A very young looking woman with a much older looking man. She's walking around picking things off the shelf and handing them to him as he says attached to her hip. Love it! :-D

I grab a few last minutes trinkets- handcuffs and lube, and we head to the counter to check out. She rings up the stuff and I watch the total climb...$100...$200...$300...$400...$448. Hehehe.

He hands the woman his card, followed with his I.D.
"You look good for your age" she tells him.

We take our bags to the car, me waiting for him to open the door for me.

As he speeds home, I ask him "How old are you anyways?"
"Does it matter?"
"I'm 40."
"Well, yeah, you do look good for your age then."

We get back to the house and he carries the packages in. I direct him to the bedroom and start to open all the packages. He's mauling me, trying to pull my clothes off.

"Relax! I need to open the packages!" I yell at him. I wipe a little drool from the corner of my mouth as I play with my new toys. Lol.

"Ok, get naked" I tell him once I've opened everything. Once he undresses I instruct him to lay on the bed as I undress. I start by kissing him and grabs the glass dildo using it on me. I stop him though after a few minutes, not terribly excited by it.

"I want to tie you up now" I tell him, pulling out the handcuffs.
"Oh, not those" he says. Jesus.
"Ok, how bout these?" I say pulling out the rope ones.
"Um, sure." I loop the bindings through the headboard, and attach his wrists.

Then I grab the tiny butt plug and lube and move down to play with his ass. I open the bottle of lube and pour out a bit on my finger and rub it over his hole before pouring more over the plug and getting it all slick. I tease the outside and slowly start pushing it in, watching his face for his reaction. I pause when I feel his muscles tighten and wait for them to relax. I eventually push it all the way in.

I move to the top of him and position myself over his face. I let him eat me out for awhile until I come, then I grab a condom, roll it on and climb on top. I ride him for awhile, grabbing on the headboard for support. His face bugs me for some reason, so I grab the blindfold and place it over his eyes. After a bit we switch up positions and I let him fuck me from behind.

His style is, um, different? Well, it's not very good. He doesn't really thrust. He like wiggles his hips back and forth. I don't know. It's weird.

When I've had enough I tell him to lay on the bed, I want to whip him now.
"You'll be gentle with me won't you?" he asks me.
"Yes, of course" Dude- it's a fucking whip, how gentle do you really expect it?
"And, please, no marks" Grrr... I use my little whip on his ass until he's had enough, which doesn't take long. But I don't get to try out my new crop today :( He hasn't cum yet, so I fuck his ass with the dildo while jerking him off until he comes on his stomach.

He goes to rinse off and I hand him the toys to clean as well. I dress quickly and see him out to the car, throwing away all the packages from today.

What I'm really in the mood for is a real man who can take a good beating and ass fucking. I mean, if I can take it, why can't others? Geesh!

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