23 June 2006

I Want a Sunday Kind Of Love...

Sunday morning (Day 2) my eyes slowly open in the early morning light. I peek at the clock and see it’s just about 9:30. I slink out of Jefferson’s arms and tiptoe into the bathroom, emptying my bladder, and giving my teeth a quick brush.

I roll back into bed and slip back in Jefferson’s embrace as he squeezes me tight. We drift back off for a little bit. Later I hear Jefferson stir and he slips away to the bathroom. I steal a glace at the time, and it’s just about 10:30. He returns back to bed shortly and grabs me tight again.

“Good morning” I say turning to face him.
“Good morning” he says smiling at me.

We kiss sweetly, our lips pressing together and his tongue darting in and out of my mouth, dancing with my tongue.

Jefferson pulls back and looks sweetly at me. I blush, looking down and smile. He gently brushes my bangs out of my eyes and places kisses on my cheeks, nose, forehead and eyes.

I nuzzle my face in the crook of his neck, content just to be held by him.

But he has other ideas.

He kisses my neck and takes a nipple in his mouth. I arch my back in response, pushing my breasts closer to him.

He rolls me over and lies on top of me between my legs. His hands gently hold my face as his mouth connects with mine.

“I want to fuck you now” he says reaching for a condom.

I watch as he rolls on the condom and push into me. I groan, like every time, at that first entrance. I think it’s my absolute favorite moment and feeling during sex.

I gaze up at him as he takes me tenderly in his arms. Jefferson’s lips graze over mine; his tongue slightly dancing with mine. I pull him tighter, his arms encircling me.

I bury my face in his chest as he sweetly makes love to me. His pelvis rocks firmly against my clit, and soon I cry out and cum.

As I recover, Jefferson pushes up on his hands and sets to fucking me faster. I draw my legs up closer to my chest allowing him access to my g-spot. My eyes close and I start moaning loudly as he thrusts against it. I can feel myself already getting closer to orgasm. Soon Jefferson straightens up and grabs my legs pushing them further back. He thrusts into me harder and faster and I move my fingers to my clit and quickly draw out an intense, long orgasm.

He slows down and I smile up at him once I catch my breath.

“Turn over, I’m going to beat you now” he says standing up and pulling his condom off.

I grab a sip of water before moving to the bottom of the bed. I lay on my stomach- a more relaxed position then on my knees (meaning I can take a bit more).

Jefferson starts with a few strokes from his hand to warm my skin up. I feel my ass start to heat up and when it’s pleasantly pink (I’m guessing) Jefferson picks up the first piece of arsenal in his collection.

I hear it before I feel it- the “whap” of it in the air, up above Jefferson’s head. Within milliseconds I feel it land against my flesh. It feels like it weighs 100 pounds and it sets my ass afire immediately. Each swat sends me deeper into sub-space.

I feel the sensations change as Jefferson moves through the implements. The thud of the whip, versus the burn of the slapper, versus the sting of the cane.

Once Jefferson finishes, ending with the cane, he puts it down and joins me on the bed. We rest a bit, just cuddling together. When we finally make it out of bed it’s already 1:00.

It’s time for lunch!

Jefferson serves us up some yummy tuna sandwiches (his secret ingredient is adding sweet curry which makes it really, really yummy!). We chat about this and that. Well, it’s mostly be because I, well, I talk a lot, lol.

We put our dishes in the sink when Jefferson poses to me, “So, wanna fuck some more?”

Already naked, we hop in bed and kiss a bit before Jefferson climbs on top of me, dons a condom, and sets to fucking me.

“Think you can come one more time today?”
“Oh I think I can manage that.”

Jefferson positions me to where his cock hits my g-spot best and in no time I’m gripping him tight as an orgasm rips through me. We kiss before Jefferson pulls out and moves to my side.

“I have to kick you out soon”
“I know.”

Eventually we break apart and I dress as Jefferson slips on some PJ bottoms.

I lazily make my way to the door, not really wanting to leave.

“But I get to see you tomorrow!” I say smiling as we kiss goodbye at the door.
“I know! 3 days in a row.”
“And I get to christen my strap-on. My first boy…”
"It's all very exciting."

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A strap on story? Oh, do tell...