27 May 2006

Wanted: Submissive for Cleaning

So I had packed up my room all by myself, but there was no way in hell I was going to lift a finger unpacking it.

See, I've had this new desire in the past few months. I've wanted to try my hand at domming a guy. When I was with Doofus, it was like pulling teeth to get him to spank me. Fuck it was pulling teeth to get him to fuck me. But there were these flashes of moments where there was a sudden shift of power between us, and it was good. I wanted more.

But I need my submissive desires filled first and foremost, and once Jefferson had done that for me, I was ready to explore the flipside.

So after coming up with the idea while moving my stuff, I decided it would be perfect to put into action to unpack my stuff (which I hate doing more than packing). So where do I go to find a good cleaning boy? Good ol' Craigs List.

So Thursday night, after leaving Jefferson's, I posted an ad- explaining my situation, saying that I was seeking someone who liked to serve through service, and there would be no sex involved. I got a few reponses, a couple genuine about wanting to serve, a few balking at the absurdity of my post, and a few offering sex.

There were two genuine responses. One from an older guy (and not too attractive in the picture) who could do it the next day, or a cuter, younger college boy who could do it the next week once he got home from school.

Wanting something sooner rather than later, I choose the older guy. I shoot him an e-mail asking what time he'd be available, then sign off and head home to crash.

The next morning, with the phone line working, I'm able to check my e-mail and see he's written back. He's free from 10-2 today.

Great. I tell him he should come by then if he's still interested.

He is.

I send him directions and my number and wait.

A few minutes later he calls and tells me he's on his way, he's just waiting for a phone call, but will leave soon.

He calls back about 20 minutes later to say he's getting ready to leave. Then he wants to know if he can please me today.

"You'll be cleaning for me today, and that will be very pleasing to me."
"Well, I was hoping to find a young girl I could spoil." Ugh, but he's ugly!
"Well, I just need cleaning."
"That's fine, but do you think we could do this and I could like take you shopping and stuff?" Mind you, he has no idea what I look like!
"Well, I can't really say, we've never met. Why don't you come and do this unpacking and we can decide then." Christ- just fucking come and unpack my stuff!
"Um, OK. I'll be there soon."


I dress, making myself presentable, and straigten up, so I don't look like I live like a slob.

Eventually he arrives, and I set him straight to work. I show him where he should put things, give him a garbage back, and go to the living room to surf the net and paint my toes.

I listen as he sets to work. At some point, he comes out to ask a question. I get up, going in to see about the answer. It takes a woman to come up with the obvious solution.

I'm about to walk out of the room, when he asks, "Can I have a kiss?" in this real, well, submissive tone. Gak.
"Um, sure." I say as he leans down to kiss me.
His stubble irritates my upper lip. I break away and he leans down, lifting my shirt to suck on a nipple.

I bit irritated. He should be cleaning.

He moves to unbutton my pants.

"No." I tell him. "There's none of that today."
"Aww, but I just want a peak." He says starting to undo my zipper.
I allow him to take a peak and yet he moves to lick.
"Just a taste?"
"Fine, one taste, then you clean again."
He licks and I move to pull my pants back up.
"More please? I want to please you." He says making this weird face and doing this gross thing with his tongue. Ugh.
"No. I want you to clean." I assert leaving the room.

I finish my nails until he says he needs to get going. I check the room out, and there's still a lot left.

"I can come back Monday to finish it" he tells me.
"How long can you stay?" I ask.
"Til it's finished."
"Are you sure I can't please you today?"
"If you have time to do that, then you have time to clean. Go get everything out from my car then you can go."

He does (well, most of it, don't understand what's hard to get about 'everything') and I send him on his way.

I check out his work so far, and think I maybe should have found a female sub to do this, since a girl would know to separate shirts and bottoms and bras and shirts. *Sigh*

Men. They'd really be lost without women.

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Desireous said...

I would have let him pleasure me with his tounge. In fact that would have been a part of his job duties. I often think about doing this too, finding a cleaning man. However, I have two daughters and wouldn't want to bring anywone strange into the house. Darn!


Tri State Male Slut said...

Excellent tale -- next time call me and I will loan you a few pretty fem subs.