16 May 2006

They Killed him!!

They killed him!! I Can't believe they killed him!!

Poor Izzy!!

How could they do that??? He just proposed to her! He just got a new heart!!

Omg, I cried like a baby last night, lol.

And then she quit? Is she leaving the show then?

Man, I haven't cried that hard over a movie/show since Titantic!

And then Will and Grace is ending on Thursday, oh boy.

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Barbie said...


We haven't watched it yet! I just called DH at work and told him I saw your spoiler. LOL He wanted to know why I had to tell him.

I'll still lean on his shoulder blubbering as we watch the recorded tape of it tomorrow night and scream that he was supposed to get a new heart and he and Izzy were supposed to live happily ever after in passionate love.