18 May 2006

Much love to SugarClick!!

Ladies and gentlemen- my lovely baby blog has been reviewed by SugarClick.

"A direct, unpretentious account of one submissive woman's erotic life"

I love it when Avah writes about fucking. She’s very good at it. I have no doubt that she’s good at fucking, but I definitely have material evidence that she’s very good at writing about it, in the form of her sexblog, Designing Intimacy.

There are a lot of sex blogs out there, and most of them suck because they’re based on the idea that writing about sex is automatically interesting. I can’t blame the bloggers themselves for thinking this; after all, it’s an idea that’s been force-fed to us by generations of mediocre filmmakers and novelists who, when they find themselves up against the wall for a decent idea, ramp up the sex a bit. But sex is mercurial and complicated, and it takes insight to portray all the turmoil and glory of a good fuck.

Avah has a feverish passion not only for the act itself, but for her lover Jefferson and, I suspect, for the written word. Unlike much erotic writing, hers utterly lacks pretension; Avah neither attempts to hide behind metaphors of flower petals and waterfalls nor tries to crank the smut factor up to 11, which is where you start to roll your eyes and go “Oh, yeah. that happened.” (AKA the Penthouse Forum Effect.) Instead, she’s direct and spare in both her physical and emotional descriptions, and you know exactly what she’s talking about. Because so much erotic writing flinches away from sex in one way or another, you get the sense that the authors don’t really like sex, but what drives Avah’s writing is that her pleasure is so damned contagious.

In one of her recent entries, Avah writes about a bukkake party that she held with Jefferson and three guys that they picked up off of Craig’s List. I’m not a fan of bukkake, and actually I think it’s an enormous waste of my porn-watching time, but this is a very hot account of one woman surrounded by four men. There’s multiple aspects to this scene: first, there’s the straight-out sex, all about body parts and fluids and lust intermingling; second, the scene functions as an excellent account of submission, and a description of the euphoric, almost dreamlike qualities of totally losing, or giving up control of your body can bring (as Avah says at the very beginning of this entry, “The event will be portrayed as accurately as possible, but I was pretty far gone at some points, so I’m just filling in blanks there.”); and last, there’s the slow, sensual come-down, when Avah and Jefferson’s play pals have just gone, and it’s just the two of them lying alone watching Secretary, playing a little bit, and ulimately saying goodbye as she takes the last train back to Jersey. The mix of all these elements is what helps lift Avah’s blog over the average sexblog. Designing Intimacy is very intimate, and I wish Avah and Jefferson many more happy fuckings. As long as the rest of us get to read about them.

Courtesy of SugarClick

I'm working on some fun entries for you all. I lost a bit of motivation. Now that I'm in the 2nd month of writing, I'm trying to keep the momentum. I orginally started the blog for Jefferson, because I wanted to be able to share with him the feelings and thoughts that I couldn't say, or just didn't have time to say. But now that I have a wide array of readers, I'm trying to appeal to the masses, but writing for an audience instead of myself is a quick way to lose motivation.

So stay tuned!

And look for pictures over the course of the blog, as requested by Chris from SugarClick!

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