19 May 2006

Gee, I kinda miss my bed

Last Tuesday I was with Connor again. I needed something to tide me over until I saw Jefferson again, and Connor certainly does the trick.

We had tried to get together Monday, but never got it together. But Tuesday was our day. And a good thing too- I was so freaking horny.

So we met at his work place again. That's cool, I like a change a venue every once in a while. Connor had been in the city that day and called me once he was there and I drove down to meet him.

I pulled in the parking lot, parking next to his truck and let myself in the unlocked building. He walked in the front office just as I entered through the door. We greeted eachother with a deep kiss and our lips stayed locked as we moved our way down the hall.

We never made it into his office. We stayed in the hallway. Or rather a big large area that connected all the other offices.

We stood in the middle and I wrapped my arms around his shoulders, letting my purse drop to the ground, and he held my hips firm against his. I could feel how hard he was already.

He walked me backwards and pressed me hard against the wall. I want him to take me, use me, he's pressing those buttons in me, but alas he remains "vanilla." *Sigh*

Connor runs his hands over me, grabbing my brests and crotch. I have my arms wrapped tight around him, wanting to keep his body close to mine. I really do just love the feel of a man's body tight against mine. His hands go to my shirt and pull it over my head and I help with removing my bra. My clothes fall to the ground as I am undressed for him.

I pull him tight to me again and I feel my brests pressing against him, my nipples hardening from brushing against his shirt. I want to feel his skin against mine, so I pull his shirt over his head.

He presses me back tighter against the wall, his lips on my neck and his hands unbuttoning my pants and mine undoing his. He lowers them to my knees and I step out of them. I pull his down below his hips and take his cock in my hand.

But he moves back to lay down on the floor. I join him on top, kissing him and grabbing a condom from my purse. I slip it on then slide him inside me. We moan together as he makes his way deep inside me.

I support myself on my hands, on either side of his head, and I lean down, lean in to kiss him. I move my hips back and forth as he moves his up and down allowing the tip of his cock to graze over my g-spot. He kisses my neck and shoulder, giving it a light bite. Bite harder damn it!

His mouth takes a nipple and his tongue flicks over it and his teeth scrape against it making me gasp; then I feel the cool air again hit my moist nipple. 'More!' my body screams in frustration.

I sit up, allowing him deeper access and he responds by thrusting up into me. Then he grabs my shoulders and pushes me to the side, rolling me on my back. He thrusts into me and I roll my hips up to meet him.

I look up at him, my eyes meeting his and I smile. I move my hands to touch his face and move them down his body over his flexed biceps, and tight chest, and hard stomach and back up again to his hands on either side of my head.

Every ounce of me is craving for him to just pin my wrists down and take me!

But he doesn't.

Instead, he eventually flips me over to take me from behind. His hands firmly grab my hips as he draws me into him. I lean down on my elbows and moan as he thrusts into me. He takes a few swats at my ass (Thank you!!) making me rock back harder into him.

He pulls out, and I feel as he presses against my ass. I relax my muscles as he pushes into me (sans lube, God I'm brave!) and I groan as it stings for a second. My ass loosens, and the juice from my pussy serves as an adequate enough lube.

As Connor moves his cock in and out of my ass, he lays himself over me, lowering me to the floor. He continues pumping and my pussy tightens, an orgasm building, but I'm unfortunately not in a position where I can finger myself. But I slip into this primal state that is now customary with a good ass fucking.

Soon he asks"Where should I come?"
Christ- like I really care??
"Where you are."

He makes a few final thrust before laying to rest atop of me.

We rest a bit, and I hear as he dozes for a couple of minutes.

We soon break apart to wash. I rub my knees and elbows, sore from some rug burn. *Sigh*

We chit chat and part soon after.

I think about him on the drive back home. It was a good fuck- always satisfying. And I like him, cute, nice guy. But he's a bit depressing! He doesn't think very highly of himself or his life. It makes me wish I could do more for him- how can I make him see what I see- ya know? But it's such a complicated relationship- a former client that I chose to get back in touch with... I just don't want anything to be more complicated than it already is.

But I do know that next time, I'm going to make use of that conference table to save my knees some irritation.

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